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2020: A Year in Review

I’ve been staring at this blank page for several minutes now, running off every so often to pet my pup, check email, or scroll through Twitter. As someone who has an extreme allergy to Twitter, I can tell this is my body’s sign that I really don’t want to do something. In this scenario, I […]

Book Notes and Takeaways: The Upside of Stress

Synopsis Author and Stanford Professor, Kelly McGonigal continues the conversation from her TED Talk ‘How to make stress your friend‘ and challenges the conventional negative perception towards stress. She shares research behind how leveraging positive psychology creates the right mindset towards stress and actually enriches our day to day life instead of taking away from […]

Think Like a CEO: The Best Way to Improve is to Measure

I’m an extremely competitive person. In our household, I am still banned from playing Settlers of Catan because of my intensity levels. Don’t even get me started on my Chess ban — I have nowhere to channel my Queen’s Gambit energy. With COVID and lockdown, unfortunately these days my partner gets the brunt of my […]

Use Self-Discipline to Build Your Self-Worth

@thefemalehustlers This post resonated so strongly with my philosophy in life that I was compelled to reflect on the importance of this phrase and how it has personally impacted me. An important life skill I wish I had cultivated earlier on is self-discipline: (n.) The ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the […]

Book Review and Takeaways: Guide to the Good Life

A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine Synopsis A Guide to the Good Life is just that: a practical guide on how to live a life of tranquility and contentment. William B. Irvine takes the ancient wisdom of Stoic philosophy and reinterprets it for the modern day by: Sharing the history of Stoicism including […]

Journaling: A Cheaper Alternative to Therapy

Recently, a friend reached out asking for recommendations of journals for daily reflection — something she could use daily and take a few minutes to write down her thoughts. I could not have been happier to hear this request. I’ve tried therapy. I’ve tried coaching. I’ve even tried curling up into a ball and sobbing […]

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