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Book Notes and Takeaways: Weapons of Math Destruction

Weapons of Math Destruction Synopsis: In Weapons of Math Destruction, the author walks us through her own career in big data — first at Harvard and Columbia, then as a hedge fund quant at D.E. Shaw. She explains how she came to be disillusioned by the space after seeing how data models were part of the […]

How Reflection Helps: 3 Science Proven Benefits

Life moves astonishingly fast, especially in this day and age. Thanks to Moore’s law, technology is advancing at an exponential rate, which means that our lives and pace of life moves just as rapidly as a secondary consequence. Because of this, more often than not we pass our days without spending the time to “process” our […]

My Quarter in Review: Q2 2020

Data is fascinating. Maybe it’s because of my old field of work in finance, or my love of STEM and the scientific method I’m not sure really, but I’ve always appreciated what data can do for you — I love how it informs you, and how it is honest. I love its objectivity. In my […]

The Power of No.

A subtle yet cataclysmic shift in my personal development happened when I learned a valuable word. Michael Scott says it more eloquently than I ever could. No. A lot of who I am now is attributed to the ripple effect of using the word ‘no ‘ more often. Small, but powerful, the word ‘No’ carries […]

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