Journal Writing Ideas

My curated list of journal ideas to help you unlock the words inside of you.

Journal Library

Hello there!

Thanks for stumbling onto my journal library! This is a library of different journal prompts I’ve built for myself that has slowly evolved through the years.

How It Works

There are two sections:

(1) JOURNAL PROMPTS: A library of questions you can ask yourself, sorted by category.

(2) WEEKLY REFLECTION: A weekly template for reflection to help iterate on what worked well, and what could be better.

I’ve shared a few articles on what journaling has done for me and the ways I journal. My journaling practice comes straight out of this template, whether it be for my daily journal practice or weekly reflection.

I hope this resource will help you as much as it has helped me. If you have questions, please feel free to connect at any point.

Until then…stay safe, stay healthy, stay well.


© Copyright - Yina Huang