revelations on writing: building civilizations.

All species have their ways of communicating.

However it is our ability to use words and language to communicate that sets us apart. It’s an indispensable part of our species, and how we as humans — weak in stature compared to other apex predators, have come to populate the world.

Words are the foundation of our legacy.

Language helps us communicate, connect, collaborate.

Look around you. Ask yourself: is there anything around you that has not been constructed through the power of words?

Words allow us to create ideas, process thoughts, and communicate emotions. Writing have shaped culture, written code, printed books, created plays, built products, erected empires, governments, bridges, buildings.

We build advanced civilizations through them.
And just as easily tear them down with the same tool.

Language has the ability to turn an abstract idea into something tangible.

So many of these complex creations began as a single thought that were then translated into words on paper. And that’s the beauty of it: language is what helps a thought coalesce.

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