revelations on writing: fin.

It’s always fun to find new mediums of expression, to explore new ways of thinking.

For the past ten days, I’ve truly enjoyed thinking and expanding my mind more on the subject of writing.

Creating this constraint of a mini essay helps me focus on a singular topic and wring out ten different ideas on this concept.

What’s funny is that — through this experiment, I was worried I would run out of things to say. But as I began writing, I realized that I have even more to say than before.

Ten days to write on one subject is not enough. I almost wish for 90 days more.

And beyond that, a yearning exists to know and understand more on this subject.

Writing about writing, while oddly meta, led me down many paths: metacognition, language itself, the anatomy of a thought, humanity as a whole, it’s purpose, our purpose, the list goes on.

It’s fascinating how many different ideas can be inextricably tied together — and perhaps even more beautifully, how we as humans have the ability to link two disparate ideas together through grey matter the size of our fist.

Learning has always brought me so much joy.

The opportunity to channel it in this way has been extremely precious, and something I’d like to continue as an experiment. Perhaps selfishly, this may be more for myself to expand my own mind.

But that’s something precious on it’s on too, no?

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