Revelations on Writing: Writing is Shapeshifting

The more I write, the more I realize writing is akin to shapeshifting.

Writing has many reasons to change it forms — your writing style and format changes depending on medium it is shared on, the audience you speak to, the platform you share, the relationship you have with the person.

But they all represent words you string together for some sort of purpose:

  • to inform
  • to persuade
  • to explain

It’s important we recognize the forms writing can take to understand how we need to mold our writing to fit the vessel at hand.

How you write in an email feels different from a Twitter thread, or an article posted on SubStack, or even a text message to a friend.

More importantly, they serve a different purpose. We naturally mold our writing depending on the end purpose and medium.

When we start observing and thinking more about writing, it’s fascinating how much we see it everywhere — and how different it can be once we observe the variables that exist.

Writing is a beautiful thing.

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