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Revelations on Writing: Publishing Equals Opportunity

As I continue to explore the value of publishing, I still struggle to clarify reasons why publishing is important.

In my bones I know it is, but for some reason there are some mental blockers. This presents a fun and interesting challenge — I look forward to asking for different perspectives on the value of publishing and why it is something inherently valuable.

As mentioned yesterday, publishing helps get your words out on paper.

It’s a forcing function to help you understand your ideas and process your thinking.

Beyond that though, there’s another great value of publishing.

It is the most highly leveraged tool for building out your network to uncover opportunities.

Publishing = Opportunity

Writing = Self Expression. Publishing = Opportunity

This paper from SciElo Brazil emphasizes the importance of scientific publications to move public health forward.

Mengistu Asnake, President of the World Federation of Public Health Associations, sees publications as an asset — something that appreciates over time.

Publications can also be regarded as an asset that enables authors to gain recognition and acknowledgement as experts in a particular field at national and international levels.

Mengistu Asnake

Publishing is a highly leveraged tool — what technology has done to level the playing field is mind boggling. For the first time in history, individual humans can wield the same amount of influence as a fully staffed media agency.

Publication agencies are an entity of the past.

The overhead and managerial costs to continuously write and publish information is fast become inefficient. Instead, it is paving the way for the flourishing creator economy that celebrates the individual, not the whole.

And in this creator economy, we can thrive by publishing and sharing. As knowledge workers, publishing is what helps us stand out from others. It is by publishing that we begin being recognized as experts in our field and build authority on a subject.

Implementing research and publishing results is crucial for a career in sciences. Doing research is only half of the picture. If the results of research studies or program documentations are not published- and where they are published has an important impact also- other researchers cannot appreciate the value of the evidence generated, they cannot see the evidence or further build on it, and overall science cannot develop and grow.

While many of us are not publishing academic papers and pursuing a career in academic, why should we not view our own publications with the same approach? 

How else can we move our industry forward if we do not actively talk and engage with what is currently happening?

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