anatomy of a language

Language is a beautiful thing. I’ve been learning about the language of indigenous culture, plants and the Earth through the book ‘ Braiding Sweetgrass.’ Reading about these new and foreign languages got me thinking more about the languages I’ve grown up with, English and Chinese. For example, take the English word for astronomy. Astronomy in […]

three influences that shaped my life

How do you simplify an existence down to three main aspects? Even throughout today, I’ve encountered numerous things that have left me changed from this morning. After all, like Alice in Wonderland says: “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” There’s no guarantee that these will be permanent, there […]

writing is like a startup: fuck it, ship it.

When we form an idea we’re passionate about, our mind starts playing countless scenarios and plans of what it’s final form could be. This is one of the biggest virtues of the human mind. The evolutionary development of our brains allows creativity, we are unique in our power to imagine. This is what happens when […]

hi there, i’m yina 👋

Before embarking on this daily essay challenge, I’d like to introduce myself. Firstly, who I am, and who I hope to be at the end of this experience. Who I am is a shy girl filled with stage fright and major imposter syndrome about to perform her first solo on stage, squinting against the spotlight […]

revelations on writing: fin.

It’s always fun to find new mediums of expression, to explore new ways of thinking. For the past ten days, I’ve truly enjoyed thinking and expanding my mind more on the subject of writing. Creating this constraint of a mini essay helps me focus on a singular topic and wring out ten different ideas on […]

revelations on writing: building civilizations.

All species have their ways of communicating. However it is our ability to use words and language to communicate that sets us apart. It’s an indispensable part of our species, and how we as humans — weak in stature compared to other apex predators, have come to populate the world. Words are the foundation of […]

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