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writing is like a startup: fuck it, ship it.

When we form an idea we’re passionate about, our mind starts playing countless scenarios and plans of what it’s final form could be.

This is one of the biggest virtues of the human mind.

The evolutionary development of our brains allows creativity, we are unique in our power to imagine.

This is what happens when we first start an exciting project. Our minds begin imagining all the scenarios of what it could be. We begin planning to figure out how we might bring these ideas to fruition.

This is also one of the biggest follies of the human mind.

Overplanning leads to inaction.

We plan because we have a compelling desire to prepare for the future.

Startups teach us to minimize planning and form a bias towards action.

With startups, this means shipping imperfect work.
With writing, this means publishing the “shitty first draft.”

Whenever we find ourselves compelled to overplan and refine, it’s a sign of procrastination. Our first version is rarely the final version.

If your concept hasn’t shipped, or your writing hasn’t been published, it only exists as an idea.

The future is uncertain.

As creators, we can never predict every future scenario when it comes to shipping work. There is just way too much uncertainty.

If it doesn’t see the light of day, you’ll never be able to uncover feedback. The best way to reduce this uncertainty is by increasing opportunities for feedback.

This means shipping early and shipping fast.

It’s best to get it out of our minds and onto paper, or product, and begin iterating from there.

After all,

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

 — Reid Hoffman

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