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year in review: 2021

This year, I had a lot of fun creating a Year in Review visual, something I might try doing for future years.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this year’s Year in Review is that — despite a difficult year of burn out, COVID fatigue, and all around mental hibernation towards the latter few months, this was the first year where I didn’t look back and ask myself: what the hell did I even do this year?

I think this is attributed to the systems I’ve built in place that actually benchmark milestones in the year through my projects, highlights, and tracked goals.

I imagine as my Year in Review content and review itself iterates over time, I’ll add more.

But for now, just creating this visual and reflecting on the year is grand.

My next goal will be to figure out how to incorporate a good Annual Plan that is

  1. Realistic and feasible
  2. Measurable
  3. Easily reviewed and re-aligned throughout the year

Until then, onwards and upwards!

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